To advocate for and represent the interests of grandparents and their support groups within Queensland; to address the financial, physical, information and referrals, social, legal and emotional needs of grandparents and other relative carers who are caring full or part time for their grandchildren or relative child or are denied access to their grandchildren.


1.     To improve on the system and ensure that objective and independent appeals are put in place at all levels, in the interests of both the child or children.

2.     To  inform  government  and the community on the life changing problems faced by these grandparents.

3.     To work with Local, State and Federal Governments to ease the financial position of these grandparents.

4.     To work with the legal profession to ensure that equal rights are found through law practices for security of both grandchildren and grandparents

5.     To facilitate the development of appropriate information and referral and support services and ensure they are available to all.

6.     To gain more accessible cost-free legal, medical, mental health and emotional support services including appropriate hours for mental health teams for crisis intervention and assessment for traumatized children.

7.     To assist in the development and establishment of grandparent support groups in Queensland so they can receive emotional social and physical assistance and information.